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OPP Header/DVD Bag
OPP bags are made of superior quality OPP films. OPP bags are high transparent and have high tensile strength and other physical properties like good dimensional stability, water proofing, transparency etc. With a layer pearl film inside, OPP bags demonstrate a reinforcement property. Rainbow offers clear and printed OPP header bags for custom packaging. OPP bags are ideal packaging for DVD, Garments, Craftworks, Stationery, Hosiery, toys, Electronics, Combs, decorations, and booklets, etc.

Features of OPP Bag:
●Strong sealing, High tensile strength, good carrying capacity.
●Lamination on the outer surface of OPP bags
●Glossy printing, sharp color, durable print
●Easy opening with self-adhesive strips
●Cost effective
●Innovative design to enhance marketability and visibility
●With E holes or round holes to make OPP bags hanging easily
●Recyclable (Bio degradable)
●OPP bags enhanced visibility


Bag styles reference:



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