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Aluminum Foil Bag
Foil bags are the latest deal in the packaging industry as an effective means of packing. They are becoming the latest trend when it comes to packaging. Cost effective, easy to use, easy to dispose, hygienic, clean and efficient are some of the major benefits of foil bags. Foil pouches has been used from a long period of time especially for carrying food. Aluminum foil bags are the best deal in the packaging industry for its
effective usage industries and would definitely improve your marketing and reduce your production cost. It is also a fast means of packaging which lasts quite long. Durability is one of the plus points of foil bags.

 Bag style: 

     ●Stand up bag                    ●Side gusset bag                  ● Flat pouch 
Different Materials available for option - Food grade
●Matte finish: OPP/AL/PE,
●Paper finish: Kraft paper/AL/PE
Features of Aluminum foil bag:
●Materials are Eco-Friendly, food grade
●High tensile strength, low temperature heat seal-ability
●Barrier and moisture-proof. With aluminum foil, our bags ensure that product inside is protected from UV light, oxygen and moisture.                                                                                                  
●Our aluminum foil bags with a tear-notch for easy opening, while ones with built-in.
●Ziplocks allow customers to re-close the bag after each use. 

Bag styles reference:

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