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Multi-Pack Sleeves
Today most of major bands use multi pack shrink sleeve as a powerful promotional tool to increase the sales and make their products well established among competitors. PE Shrink film is seamed into promotional sleeves and items are put inside. With the application of heat, multi-pack shrink sleeve begins to shrink and conform tightly to the shape of the packaged items holding several items together tightly. Rainbow offer printed multi-pack shrink sleeves to demonstrate your company logo and product information.

Promotional Sleeves and Multi Pack Sleeves

Rainbow Promotional Sleeves are an excellent way to present promotional demonstration and enhance the sales. Usually PE shrink sleeve is the most efficient materials for multi-pack applications. It can combine two or more products together tightly and strongly, especially for those unusual shapes of products. It is especially useful for ‘Buy One Get One Free’ promotions purpose or put several products together for price-driven sales and easy carrying. It offers a strong shelf appeal in the supermarkets.

Advantages of multi-pack Sleeves:
●Present sale appeal naturally
●360 degree branding
●Theft resistant
●Buy one get one free promotion
●Cover and print barcode
●Difficult pack combinations 

Multi-pack Sleeves styles reference:


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