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Herbal smoke Packaging
Herbal Smoke bag is one of our hot sales products. We are doing a lot of bags which are the best packaging for herbal incense & potpourri smoke. They are in small size, such as 65X85mm. With zipper, it can be resealable after being opened. Bags without zipper also could be done by us. Therefore, more and more herbal mixtures distributors are looking for it for an ideal packaging for their products. It is suitable for cigarettes, cigars, potpourri, herbal blends, etc.

There are several sizes as below available:
●75X95mm, for 1-3 grams 
●85mmX105mm, for 3-5 grams 
●85mmX110mm, for 3-5 grams 
●77mmX102mm, for 2-4grams 
●90mmX115mm, for 3-5 grams 
●90mmX130mm, for 10 grams 
●95mmX140mm, for 11 grams
Different Materials available for option - Food grade
●Transparent: PET/PE, NY/PE,
●Matte finish: OPP/AL/PE,
● Hologram shinning Material 
Features of Herbal Smoke bag
●Non-toxic environmental friendly
●Easy to seal, easy to use, air-barrier
●Tear notch: Easy to open the bag
●Zip lock: Reuse anytime if you like, very convenient.
●Customized size, printing color,logo.
●Variety designs with zipper and tear notch
●High strength and non-breakage,non leakag
●Allows for easy label on the panels  
●Barrier and moisture-proof. With aluminum foil, our bags ensure that freshly made product is protected from UV light, oxygen and moisture 
Brands available:
AK47, G-13, G-20,Joker, Mr. Happy, Mr. Nice guy, Mad hatter, Bizarro, Scooby Snax, Super nova, Lotus, Atomic, Caution, Kush, Klimax, Geeked up, Hookah blast, LOL, Maui wowie, Cloud 9, Diablo, Down 2 earth,  Demon, Charley, Head trip, Mind Trip, Dark Light, WTF, OMG, time Traveler etc.

Bag styles reference:

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