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Tin Tie Bag
Tin-tie bag is most often used as a retail take away bag or for short term storage. These bags are often made of brown Kraft paper and Polypropylene material with tin-ties on the top. Tin tie is a metal tab with adhesive as to be attached on the top, creating a reusable and re-closable application mostly used for coffee packaging but which are also great for other foods such as Cookies, Candy, etc. These bags have a flat bottom and an easy to use tin tie closure attached. Just fill them, fold the ties in and they are ready to go!

Material structures available for Coffee Packaging:

●Transparent: PET/PE, NY/PE.
●Matt Finish: OPP/AL/PE
●Paper Finish: Kraft/AL/PE, OPP/Kraft/PE.


The advantages of Tin Tie Bags:

The tin-tie bag is an economical, practical way to contain a wide variety of items including coffee, dry soups, confections, natural products and other dry goods. In common sense, roasted coffee packed in tin-tie bags should be consumed 7-10 days after roasting for maximum freshness and flavor. Tin tie bags are not suitable for longer shelf life. Rainbow recommend barrier bag instead of tin tie bag for those products with longer shelf life requirement.  

●Tin-tie bag is easily take away and easy opening, reclosure and reusable.
●Lower cost, and economical for short run product storage.
●Tin-tie Bag is suitable for most of food packaging applications

To create a uniform, clean look up top

Allows end-users to re-close bag after each use

Hides the heat-sealed area for a nice presentation on the shelf

Rolling down the bag with tin ties lets customer know how much product is left and when to buy more

Secure closure makes it easy to transport bag from one location to the next

Allows customers to open bag on site to grind whole bean coffee and replace ground coffee on same bag with tin ties providing closure

 Bag styles reference:


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