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Mylar zipper Bag
Mylar Ziplock bag is one of the popular bags in flexible packaging. It is widely used in food, powder, fruits, nuts, industrial items, and household products etc. As the name implied, the bag is equipped with a ziplock on the top for easy opening and reusable purpose. After it is being open from the tearing notch, it can be closed up again with the ziplock. Bags can be made with hangle hole on the top if needed. It could come in different sizes for use with different products. Customers usually offer their own artworks to Rainbow bring their custom-made ziplock bags come into reality.

Bag Types: 

●Flat bag with ziplock                             ●Stand up bag with ziplock 
Different Materials available for option- Food grade
●Transparent: PET/PE, NY/PE,
●Matte finish: OPP/AL/PE,
●Paper finish: Kraft paper/AL/PE
Features of Ziplock Bag:
●Present reusable & re-sealable function.
●Materials are Eco-Friendly.
●Barrier and moisture-proof. With special structure of materials, our bags ensure that product inside is protected from UV light, oxygen and moisture.
●Our bags with a tear-notch for easy opening, while ones with built-in ziplocks allow customers to re-close the bag after each use.
●Offer unprinted bags, Allows for easy label on the back panels.
Bag styles reference:

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