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Microwave Pouch
An advanced version of the aluminum foil retort pouch,  the microwavable pouch does not contain the aluminum layer as its barrier property. The microwavable pouch contains a special polyester film, which has a comparable barrier property to that of the aluminum layer. To provide convenience for today’s busy consumers, the microwavable pouch is produced in a stand-up pouch format so as to allow consumers to microwave and eat straight out of the microwavable pouch.

Microwavable Pouch Features:
● The microwavable pouch is produced to provide convenience to consumers
● The microwavable pouch provides a high barrier function for food conservation
● The microwavable pouch is created with heat resistant films which can withstand high temperature sterilization
● The microwavable pouch contains strong mechanical strengths to prevent pin holes and cracks
● The microwavable pouch/film has undergone matt treatment for appearance and provide high barrier features
● The microwavable self-venting feature is applied to the retort and pasteurization products.
* Self-Venting Microwavable Pouch/Film to reduce consumer inconvenience, the microwavable pouch comes equipped with an automatic opening system during the microwave process. There is no need to leave open any part of the microwavable pouch/film before heating in the microwave. The microwavable retort pouch/film will start to self-vent in the microwave once the food packed within the microwavable retort pouch/film, is placed inside the microwave and starts to heat up.
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