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Electronic anti-static Packaging
An antistatic bag is used for shipping (usually electronic) components, which are prone to damage caused by electrostatic discharge. These bags are usually plastic polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and have a distinctive color according to its properties:

● Silver for metalized PET film and other similar plastics
● Pink or black for polyethylene
● The polyethylene model can also be made as foam or bubble wrap, either as sheets or bags.

Types of Antistatic bags
●Flat Anti-Static Poly Bags     ●Grip seal/Zipper Antistatic bags    ●Anti-Static Bubble Bags or Bubble pouches
Features & Benefits of Anti Static Bags:
●Low cost
●Simple design and construction
●Antistatic agent or material on/in film
●Eliminates the hazard of static damage - prevents the generation of static electricity
●Perfect for packaging, storing and shipping non-sensitive and sensitive electronic components
●Surface resistance is less than 1012 ohms/sq.

To create the anti-static effect, the black bags or silver bags are slightly conductive; forming what is known as a Faraday Cage around the item to be protected avoiding any discharges from being deposited onto the protected devices as the bags are handled.

Bag styles reference:
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