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Heat Shrink labels Sleeves
A shrink sleeve is a label (seamed in a form with top and bottom open) which is applied to a container (bottle, can, pump, flask, etc), and it is being shrunk with heat to conforms the contours of the container tightly resulting in a smooth, quality display. Shrink sleeve packaging is often seen in beverage, health care, food and household industries and allows complete decoration of your product in a rich range of colors. With a 360 degree display, shrink sleeves give products maximum aesthetic impact and marketing exposure. It has become a dominant label in many different packaging applications, it is seen everywhere in the shelf & supermarket.

Materials for Shrink Sleeves/ Labels:
●Material options: PVC, PET.
●Different thickness for option: 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60, 70mic, etc
●Shrinkage rate: TD (horizontal shrinkage rate) greater than or equal to 35%--55%;
                               MD (vertical shrinkage rate) less than or equal to 5% --25%.
Features of Shrink Sleeves/Labels:
●High quality decoration.
●PET shrink sleeve offers quality decoration of unusual shapes
●Suitable for all container substrates – metal, glass and PET.
●Reduced inventory costs.
●With temper evident function to protect the products
●Incorporate tamper evidence to seal lids or caps
●Promotional message can be printed inside the shrink label
●Multi-pack for promotional purpose
●Low origination costs
●360 degree and top-to-toe decoration for entire product, – make every surface appealing.
●Up to 12-color printing with a revolutionary color matching system.
●Laser-engraved rotogravure cylinders for precise printing and registration

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