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Retort pouch
Retort pouches produced by Rainbow Packaging Company are widely used in packaging of tuna, salmon, pet foods, soup and sauces packaging. Up to 12 colors can be printed on our retort pouches and the printing is based on rotogravure printing, which ensures highly sharp illustrative effects and contribute to increasing sales.

Bag Types:
●Stand up pouch
●Flat pouch
Applications of Microwave Pouches
●Seafood (shrimp, tuna, salmon, mackerel, mussels, etc.) retort packaging
●Pet foods retort packaging
●Soup and sauce retort packaging
●Meat stew (beef, pork, chicken) retort packaging
●MRE's(Meal Ready to Eat) ration – MRE retort pouch packaging
●Food service applications - Institutional Retort Packs
●Packaging of food products requiring long shelf life
Advantages of Retort Process
●Cost efficient: packaging materials and logistics cost
●Energy efficient: in container manufacturing, transportation of retort pouches (empty and full) and food processing
●Time efficient: about 40% saved in the cook cycle of retort process
●Warehouse storage efficient: 85% less space than the equivalent number of empty cans
●Shipping efficient: lighter package weight, more food products can be shipped per truckload - in unrefrigerated trucks
●Rapid heat penetration and more efficient processing than cans
●Improved food quality thanks to reduced heat exposure: better taste, color and texture
Consumer Advantages of Retort Pouch
●Easy to handle
●Easy to store at room temperature with other dry foods
●No need for reheating(can be easily heated in boiling water for about 5 minutes)
●Easy to open
●Convenient disposal after use: pouches easily flattened and contain no dangerous sharp edges
Bag styles reference:

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