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Liquid bag
We are the manufacture of unprinted spout pouches and liquid packaging with spout of many different sizes and colors. Utilizing the latest equipment, we are able to manufacture the highest quality printed and unprinted liquid packaging worldwide.Our liquid packagings are leakproof and with food grade material made which are widely used for Drinks, Beverages, Snacks,  Indurstrial, Cosmetic etc. Bag with spout are very convenient for customers to drink or to use the liquild.This package bag is one of our hot sales  products.

Typical market for liquid packaging

● Energy Drinks (isotonic and sports drinks, highly nutritional energy gels, integrators)
● Beverages (fruit juices, light or mildly alcoholic drinks, tea, coffee, milkshakes)
● Snacks (ice cream, yogurt, sorbet, honey)
 Sauces (mayonnaise, salad oils, tomato sauce, herb pastes, chocolate sauce, all edible oils)
● Industrial (inks, gels, lubricating oil)
● Cosmetics (shampoo, conditioner, lotion, cream, foundation)

Benefits of using liquid packaging against Plastic Bottles or Glass Bottles.

● Best suitable for lower volumes or for new business starters because liquid packaging is available off the shelf in different sizes and colors and one can start  filling the liquid packaging by themselves so now no need to run to co-packer and no need to invest in big machines for filling as we can now seal the liquid packaging with a cheap ordinary table top heat sealer. So initial investment in filling machines is almost nil.
● We can fix adhesive label on the liquid packaging and can introduce our own brand with very less investment.
● liquid packaging is made with multi layer laminates with different substrates. So shelf life of the product is very good.
● The liquid packaging is ideal for viscous products because the body of pouch is soft and can be squeezed.
● Good presentation in supermarket and can stand upright with total adhesive label area facing on front so this improves visibility and product sells more.
● liquid packaging utilize less space than plastic bottles so transportation cost is cheap and saves money.
● liquid packaging consumes less plastic than plastic bottles so it is environment friendly.
● liquid packaging requires less space to dispose than plastic bottles.
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