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Gusset bag
Foil & Clear Gusseted Bag, Side& Bottom Gusseted Bag, Bottom Gusseted Bag with Zipper, Easy-Peel Foil Gusseted Bag, Aroma Foil Gusseted Bag and much...

Gusset Bag is widely used in coffee and tea industry. The rectangular shape with center-sealed and side-sealed options provides 3-D appearance to make the package more dynamic. 
Center-Sealed gusset bag has a center seal at the back of the bag which creates a hand grip place for bag opening. With easy open material, this style really offers an effortless bag-opening feature to consumers.
The Side-Sealed gusset bag has the seal hidden on the edge at the back of the bag. The printed area on the back significantly increases once the seal is moved to the side. It allows the design to flow around the entire bag.
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