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Manual air pump
Manual air pump is for vacuuming the vacuum storage bag, which is convenient to carry on, easy to use, high efficiency and economic.
Condition: Brand New
Material: ABS plastic
Air Pump size: 28.5cm x 3.8cm
Color: Green
Hand vacuum air deflation pump for storage space saving bags.
T-style hand held air deflation pump is very convenient to use, high quality in EU and US quality standard
The use of Manual air pump
All kinds of vacuum compress bags can use this manual pump suction, manual pump is definitely not as fast as electric vacuum cleaner, but it can achieve satisfactory results if with correct use. When put the clothesor foods into the bags, push the zipper, remove the dust valve, unscrew the valve and try your best to drainage some more air by squash the bag. Then put the pump on the valve and start extraction. After air bags absorbs, then put the pump on the valve and tighten the valve, the dust cover it tightly.

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