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Automatic air pump
Air Pump can be suitable for using in: vacuum compression bag as well as other goods.This machine removes all the air from the pouch before sealing, Giving an air-tight seal. Ideal for food items / grains / spices packing.
Automatic Machine:
Input voltage:220V
Input frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Service power 150W
Rated pressure: 5000pa—10000pa

Method of application:
Aeration method:

1.Connecting the pump to the power supply.

2.Links the inflatable accessories in the mouth of the inflatable, turn on the switch and start filling ( "-" said open and beg in aeration, "o" said close and stop charging).
3.Pay attention to the pneumatic valve should not be blocked, otherwise the pump may damage because of overheating.
4.Be careful and do not use the bleeding point to inflatable, please see the bleeding point and inflatable mouth position of the air pump.

Extraction method:
1.Open the bleeding point of Vacuum bag
2.Connected to the appropriate size parts on the bleeding point of the vacuum pump. If the bleeding point on the pump size is match, don't need to the three parts. Connect the interface. Open the switch and then began to draft air 
“-”means open and draft air 
“o”means close and stop drafting air
3.Pay attention to the suction valve should not be blocked, otherwise the pump may damage because of overheating.
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