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Manual heat sealer
The manual heat sealed machine is very convenince for bags heat sealed and it is very easy to take away for the small weight. Compact Design, Strong Water Tight Seal, Fast Operating, Power Saving, Precision Electronic Circuit , Long Life etc.
Manual heat sealer

Manual heat sealed machine are suitable for small packaging. Compact in size and light weight. Impulse sealing with precise electronic control. Suitable for shops and home product packings.

Model Code No. Sealing Length Sealing Width Voltage Supply
APISH-100 8 1.5mm 220 V
APISH-101 12 1.5mm 220 V
APISH-102 16 1.5mm 220 V
APISH-103 20 1.5mm 220 V

● Always Keep sealing platform clean. Leaving residue will reduce life of element, teflon, and sili-con rubber.
● Never use moisture to clean sealing surface.
● Replace torn teflon at once, a torn cloth will short circuit the element and damage it. Every time you replace the element, replace the lower an upper teflon cloth.
● For best operation, use only genuine replacement parts.
● A worn silicon rubber will influence the seal, change the silcon when worn or burned.
● Unplug wire when servicing the machine .

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