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Slide Zipper Bags
Our Slide Zipper Bags can be described with one word, "Convenience." This easy-to-use slider bag open-and-close feature is what has made these plastic zipper bags so popular. These Slider Lock seal-top bags are great for a wide variety of packaging and storage applications such as, Healthcare, Restaurants, Kit Manufacturers, Document Storage, Agriculture, and Airports. These slide ziplock bags are great for situations where latex gloves are worn or in schools because the top slider on these plastic bags are simple enough to operate even for small children. Slider zip bags close quickly and easily the first time, and every time. All Rainbow plastic slider lock bags are made of Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) or similar plastic.

Bag Types:

●Flat pouch with zipper                           ●Stand up pouch with zipper

●Slider closure makes these bags easy to close, easy to open.
●Flat base helps prevent items from getting squished.
●Filled bags stand side by side in most refrigerators, freezers and pantries.
●Great for storing bulky items.
●Store food, knickknacks and more
●Features our Smart Zip seal.
●Microwaveable (use as directed). When defrosting & reheating, open zipper one inch to vent. Caution: when using in microwave, place bag on a microwave-safe dish. Handle with care. Bag and contents may be hot. Do not overheat contents because bag may melt.

Bag styles reference:

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